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There's nothing better than letting your strange single behavior happen.

back in the day. lol Well, I still sing as loud as I want when no one is home. Okay, who am I kidding. I sing as loud as I want whether they're home or not!

tots me please repost

when you're home alone & someone knocks on your door: say "who is it?" look through the peep hole open the door crawl around on the ground like a ninja and look through the window very quitely to make sure it isn't a masked murder

pretty much

When my friend doesn't come to school...

Best friend yep :-) When my friend doesn't come to school Love LOTR


Admit that you're weird

I am weird and I don't care. In fact I am proud to be weird and believe I should get some kind of award for it. I happily admit this to the whole world.


Women and War. Hahahaaaa hilarious If women ruled the world. There wouldn't be any wars just a bunch of countries not speaking jokes of humor lol memes

I do this

So true Mom:aren't you microwaving your dinner Me:Yeah Mom:then why are you making a snack Me: I'm flippin hungry

That happens all the time

It's true, no matter how hard I try, there is no angry way to say 'bubbles'.

so true...

Drop something while in bed…

Funny pictures about Drop something while in bed. Oh, and cool pics about Drop something while in bed. Also, Drop something while in bed.

Why is that potato looking at me???

hot potato Get it, get it guys. It's funny because there's a song about a hot potato. And we just got called a potato. And well .