The American Heritage Girls....The Conservative alternative to the progressive femi-nazi Girl Scouts...Promoting Christian and Family Values

American Heritage Girls

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What do karaoke, canoeing and cupcakes have in common? According to a new 2-D animated video from the American Heritage Girls (AHG), it’s where faith, service and fun come together! LAUNCH is a 2D animated video from American Heritage Girls. Share this video at church, school, Scout Sunday and community events to encourage launching new AHG Troops and growing existing Troops.

American Heritage Girls ... a badge-earning program that places the honoring of Jesus Christ first.

Homeschool Unit Studies that help Cub/Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls learn and earn merit badges at the same time.

Homeschool unit studies that match up with American Heritage Girls and Boy Scout badges. A little pricey, but any of my friends want to use these together and split the cost? They're meant to be used once a week, so as not to disrupt your other curricula.

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American Heritage Girls. Stars and Stripes story.

American Heritage Girls video commercial

This is a great idea. Clipboards for chores right in plain sight. They get a "bonus buck" for completing the tasks without being asked. From Stacy Julian.

Santa Letter, for when the kids find out

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