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Red Bull Stratos: 1 man's attempt to transcend human limits with a free-fall jump from the edge of space? Come in Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos.

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Beautiful Skydiving Photo

It's definitely a surreal feeling when it seems you're on the edge of the earth & a complete rush knowing the only way down is out! Beautiful skydiving photo - captures the serenity of the experience.

If you love Skydiving, check out this Skydiving collection, you may like it :) Here's link ==>  #skydiving

Fly a wing suit! It's a terrifyingly dangerous activity, and it's very likely to die, but it also looks like an adrenaline pumping, incredibly fun thing to do.

The moment 100 skydivers came together mid-air to form a 747-sized diamond | Onlineweblibrary BLOG

'Got Places To Go and People To see' Striking formation of 100 parachute canopy

L’image du jour : La mission STS 116 sur l’ISS au dessus de la Nouvelle Zélande

L’image du jour : La mission STS 116 sur l’ISS au dessus de la Nouvelle Zélande

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. Astronauts Robert L. Curbeam (USA) and Christer Fuglesang (Sweden) work to attach a new truss segment to the ISS and begin to upgrade the power grid.

I feel like jumping from the top of the world so much

Panoramic photo of a BASE jump - Source: Krystle Wright / Caters News Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia FUN!

photograph astronaut Flight into deeper oblivion

Felix Baumgartner at the edge of space, miles high jumped from a helium balloon to perform a legendary skydive (he also set the altitude record for highest manned balloon flight, parachute jump from the highest altitude, and greatest free fall velocity)

Felix Baumgartner for Red Bull Stratos

Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier through skydiving in November. I chose this picture because it shows the magnitude of his drop.

Planeta Terra!

Red Sea - Saudi Desert Amazing earth God gave us