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"If you love southern women, Raise your glass. If not, Raise your standards." -- So true -- Love the south and the wonderful women we raise! There is nothing like a Summerville, SC Girl!

Manners! {I totally do this everytime, I don't care how many times you wave! Or if it makes you feel like a little kid!}

i always do this cause i love how it makes me feel when people wait for me. so sweet! I'm from the south where this is just good raising.

Good Scissors Tea-towel for @Lean Ni Chuilleanain

save the sewing scissors for sewing. The hair-cutting scissors for hair. But do have some good, sturdy kitchen shears. Took me years to figure out how handy scissors are in the kitchen.

Didn't I see this on an episode of SPN? If not, it will probably be in one next season. LOL

Free, Confession Ecard: Never mess with Southern women. We'll rip your heart out, show it to you, then bake it in a pie.