Mis muebles son piezas únicas creadas a partir de materiales encontrados, fruto de la improvisación...

Hans Wegner - Cow Horn chair - Detail of the connection between 2 wooden parts showing his craftsmanship.

Jader Almeida

The Linna armchair is a more gentler side from designer Jader Almeida. Unlike his previous featured work, Linna is 'honest.' There's nothing flashy about

Artist: Wegner, Hans J. Manufacturer: PP Möbler, Kopenhagen

Such exquisite detail, 3 woods, 3 grain patterns, 3 colours and still under stated. Hans Wegner–what a master craftsman.

otis & frank

HIROSHIMA CHAIR by Naoto Fukasawa x Maruni A not uncommon form but refined and mastered by Fukasawa and crafted with precision by Japanese woodworkers. My first impression when I sat down in this.

Kai Lyngfeldt-Larsen dining chairs in rosewood at Studio Schalling

Rare set of 6 dining chairs designed by Kai Lyngfeldt-Larsen Produced by Søren Willadsen møbelfabrik in Denmark Rosewood and black leather Excelle.