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Spider eye, taken with objective microscope.

Nature Stuff: Eye of a honeybee (Apis mellifera) 40X. Ralph Grimm, Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia

Meet the Peacock spider (Maratus volans) - a species of jumping spider native to eastern Australia. Only 5mm in length, it is only the males that have this bright colouring.

tarantula. Friend I give you credit this is great . God creation beautiful pictures.

Blue Bottle Tarantula. Nothing this creepy should be a pretty shade of blue! It's just wrong!

Tan Jumping Spider...they are sooo cute!

Tarantula with the size of your average controller

Holy crap, girl--are you trying to jumpstart my heart this morning? Ain't nuthin' cute about that! Lyn Rozier

What an amazing Jumping Spider!

Peacock Jumping spiders (Maratus spp.) So scary!