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Something to show people when they keep asking when we're going to have children: The Cost of Raising a Child

Parenting The Cost of Raising a Child Child Development (c) Knowledge and skills investigate parenting skills and responsibilities, including child support and other legal rights and responsibilities that come with parenthood;

Developmental Milestones to age 4-  Developmental milestones are the skills that children learn as they grow or develop.

Peds Milestone Chart---ok, but developmental milestones are happening prior to 6 mos and all of these things build upon each other ( I., your baby doesn't wake up knowing how to kick a ball one day)

The Cost Of Raising a Child ?

Credit Sesame Infographic: The Cost Of Raising A Child - Column Five Media

Comprehensive sex education is important early on!  Help prevent teen pregnancy and help prevent repeat pregnancies and you help America.

Why do christian states have highest unwed teen pregnancy rates?

Fresh on IGM > Cost of Raising A Child: It takes more than courage to raise a child. Please check your bill before breeding.  > http://infographicsmania.com/cost-of-raising-a-child/

Cost of Raising A Child - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

The Cost of Raising a Child Born in 2011 to the Age of 17 Infographic

Here is a great guide to the different types of play therapy that can be used by Child Life Specialists to help children in medical environments cope.

I was not aware that there were so many different types of play! We know how important play therapy is as a CLS. This is helpful chart of different types of play and examples to go along with it. Play Therapy - the healing path with children

Developmental Milestones: the first 5 years

Child Development Chart - The First Five Years - A month to month chart outlining expected development of children's Social, Self-Help, Gross-Motor, Fine-Motor, and Language skills from Birth - 5 Years

How much does raising a child cost today?

2012 Parenting Olympics: Who will win the gold? You or the kids

Costly Kids - of couples expressed marital dissatisfaction after birth of their child. Yeah, no thanks

Holy cow!  It will cost $241,080 to raise a kid born in 2012. A graphic put together by the USDA.

That 2012 Bundle Of Joy Will Cost You $241,080 To Raise

infographic cost of raising child born in