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Variegated Murphy's Agave. Zone 8-10. 3'x3' (stays smaller in a container). Yellow stripes outlining blue-green center.


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RUSSIAN SAGE: 1) Perennial plant that should be planted in the fall or in early spring 2) Grows 3 feet high and spreads 2 to 3 feet wide, blooms summer/fall 3) Well-drained soil, full sun 4) When dormant, cut back some of the larger stems to the ground & leave the younger stems to encourage growth at the base of the plant 5) Deer resistant, attracts bees & hummingbirds

Agave bovicornuta, variegated

Head Planter


Agave attenuata (fox tail agave) Native to Mexico; Zones 9 to 15; height 4 to 5 feet; part shade to full sun. Agaves are known for the large spines on their leaf margins, but A. attenuata has smooth leaves, making it a safer garden choice.

Agave victoriae-reginae features blunt, triangular leaves marked with white stripes. This easy-care plant is also grown as a houseplant. Zones 10-11

Artichoke Agave - Individual plants grow slowly to 2' tall by 3' wide. This is one of the cold hardiest of the agaves and will grow in drier areas of Zones 5-11. Propagate by seed or removing offshoots from the base in spring.

Geranium maderense ( pink) Plectranthus zuluensis ( ground) & Echium webbii. All drought tolerant .

Agave ovatifolia (Whale's Tongue Hardy Century Plant) a cold-hardy agave that grows to 5' wide in zones 7 to 9!

::: Agave stricta hedgehog agave ucbg 1/11/13

Echeverias, agaves and other succulents...Sherman Gardens by serialplantfetishist

I love this combination! The red Leucadendron, possibly 'Winter Red' and the Phormium really pop among the greens and blues of the agave, aloes, and palms.

©VanLieshout VI | Equisetum (/ˌɛkwɨˈsiːtəm/; horsetail, snake grass, puzzlegrass) in my garden 12-06-2013. Tags: Contemporary Garden, planting, plants, modern, outside, design, original, creative.

succulents & Kangaroo Paw for the side yard. I also need to get some solar path lights

full sun, low maintenance, drought tolerant plants

Daphne Sweet Daphne odora | Needs morning sun and protection from cold wind - moist, cool soil, well drained and slightly acidic. Susceptible to viruses - water with Yates Anti Rot.

Clever! I must try a few more of these, bringing in my tender succulents 32 reasons succulents are the best plants ever.