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Bath time

I hate how pit bulls are stereotyped as vicious and dangerous. Yeah, maybe they were originally bred for fighting, but I say this: they only know how to fight if you teach them. They only know how to love if you teach them.

Country Living ~ Kisses

Delightful Dog Houses that my dogs would never want to sleep in especially if they had the choice of my bed, our couch or snuggled up with me where ever I am!

Boys plaid tweed bow tie bib, OH MY

Ren Fair Satyr Faun Makeup Inspiration Renaissance Faire Fawn

Katie: My boyfriend Bobby and I are wearing these costumes. He is an avid hunter and since it is hunting season we thought it would be fun to do a hunting...

Baby Gumball Machine - Cute Halloween Costume Idea!

Camping in Kings Canyon | Lovely Morning

Deer and hunter couples costume for Halloween

Football Tutu - Customize For Your Team. $49.95, via Etsy.

Coon hunting cake

Little Mermaid Tutu Halloween

Ohhh, we're totally doing this!

Now THAT is freaking cute!!!

A promise ring for your daughter reminding her she is a Princess, the daughter of the Most High King.. (Iwant)

Handmade Christmas crafts from pinecones photos.

Do It Yourself Christmas Crafts – 45 Pics

Snowman Ornament lightbulb agh it's so cute. There's lightbulb jars at Hobby Lobby that would be terrific for this!

Easy Kids Christmas Crafts – Reindeer Root Beer Bottles

Christmas crafts from old wine bottles


best family costume ever!

Newborn Photography Baby Cowboy Kamryn Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Sands - you should do this!!!

Vampire Kitten | The 60 Greatest Pet Costumes EVER