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Stunning photos related to all things "bling" - sparkles, glitter, diamonds, shine, jewels and sequins.

Ombre Nail Art Design

20 Ingenious Nail Art Designs

Beautiful ombre technique (Ombre is NOT where each nail is a different color. That is a mono-chromatic color palette, like you would find on a chip from a paint store. Ombre is a gradient from one color to another.


quilted nails-Paint first coat then before second coat sets press lines with a ruler diagonally - nail texture - interesting to try


pink and glitter! (although I think the pink would look good on the ring finger instead of the pinky finger)

chanel nails

Today's Daily Nail Art is this black and white Chanel design by CynfulNails. This design has a quilted french manicure design with little crystals lined up along the edge.

This one might take a little work but Its super cute and I'd love to try!

take: color combo and design idea, leave: square, stubby acrylics back in 2000 where they belong.

Nail Art

Iced Manicure that is also known as a diamond manicure is priced at a whopping The nail treatment involves 10 carat diamonds that are studded on your nails and is the most expensive nail treatment known (Harrods).