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Mel's Drive-in, American Graffiti

Oldest surviving McDonalds, Downey, CA. Building from 1953

Kewpee Hotels Hsamburger Stand, unknow location, 1930

Rusty's Drive-In, Baton Rouge, LA

Eat in Car, Early Drive-In Restaurant, Hollywood, CA, 1935

Burges Drive-In, Modesto, Ca.

The Donut Hole drive through coffee shop in Los Angeles, CA - 1970

Casey`s AAA drive-in, Wichita Falls, Tx.

Fantastic photo from 1945, shows carhop Betty Whittington serving customers at Price's Drive-In, Houston, Tx.

Sonic, nice sign. I desperately need some onion rings :-)

Pig Stand, somewhere in Tx. ca. 1925

Pig Stand, somewhere in Tx. ca. 1925

Truman's in Los Angeles, Ca. 1959

Teens of the 50's at a hamburger stand

Harvey's Broiler, 7447 Firestone Blvd., Downey, Ca.

Bob's Big Boy, Riverside Dr. in Burbank Ca.

El Patio Drive-In, Montery, CA. ca. 1957

Busch's Drive-In in Tacoma,Wa.

Scrivners LA area, Ca.

Stan's Drive-In in Fresno, Ca.

Mighty Mo's Drive-In, unknown location in New Hampshire

Simon's Drive-In, unknown location in Souther Ca.

Van de Kamps Drive-In, unknown location in Southern Ca.

Robert'S Drive-In, unknown location in Southern Ca.

Kuntz's Drive-In, Abilene, Ks.