Heron's Nest Herb Farm, Blanco Texas

a lavender farm, Blanco, Texas

Miller Creek Lavender Farm, Blanco, Texas

Spiral herb garden

Herb drying rack

Dried Herbs

Urban Farm Mag: Garden plants that do NOT grow well next to each other.

Lavender Supplies: Lavender from my garden (Cut matured lavender flowers just above the leaves) Rubber Bands Directions: Gather the lavender into a bunch. Tie the stems with a rubber band. Find a dark place to dry the lavender. Hang the lavender bunch upside down. Let the lavender dry 2-4 weeks.

Create a Water-Wise Herb Garden—Drought-tolerant herbs, such as sage, Spanish lavender, santolina and ground-hugging thymes, conserve water and prevent erosion.

Garden Tips

the wonderful Dandelion!

A low-maintenance approach to landscaping allows for hours of enjoyment as opposed to work. The Old Farmer's Almanac lists tips for creating a low-maintenance landscape.

DIY tin can herb holder.. This is a must do and so easy, anyone could do it. Would be a fun kids project.

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To start an herb garden, start seedlings in eggshells. Then, when it warms up, plant the whole thing in your garden.

Herb markers

Rocks with moss for a faerie circle or spiral

Name: Chickweed. Usage: Eaten, such as catmint. Effect: Treats greencough, though catmint is often preferred.


Cute stickers!!!

drying herbs | photo by parker fitzgerald for Kinfolk Vol. 5