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  • Jessica Urias

    Inside a toddler's brain. So true.

  • Bridget Rohr

    Inside a toddler's brain. This is our baby exactly!

  • Natalie Kitchell


  • Addie UP

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  • Melissa Brown

    Inside a toddler's brain. **This can also apply to the brain of many school age children... as witnessed on a daily basis. ☺**

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Wow, this actually works a little *too* well. But damn it's funny! @Dani Schulz @Amberlyn Mannan hahahahahahaha. I couldnt read it without singing it.

Absolutily Love this! Soo true! I don't know how many times I have found worms and potato bugs and who knows what all in my boys pockets! I'm always on edge checkin the pockets in the summer days.. Lol..

Another pinner said: Really good keep busy ideas for toddlers, Ive never seen most of these. The idea with lids is so smart, a reusable manipulative that you are probably just throwing away anyway!

16 Apps Toddlers and Parents Lov

I want to do this for my babies. Take a picture and make a list of random things about your child at that age.

Do you have any tried and true tips for toddler travel? (How's that for alliteration?)

Love the idea of a "grazing tray," that kids can help themselves to all day (with a variety of healthy fruits, veggies, etc.) I would leave it inn the fridge & she could help herself when she feels like a snack. I have yet to try this, but grazing throughout the day is so much healthier than large meals & designated snack times.

  • Emily Knerr Darquea

    Grazing may be better for your metabolism, but it is much worse for your teeth. It increases risk for caries (cavities) because eating makes your mouth more acidic and that acid promotes decay. Cute idea though!

  • Carlene Jager

    great idea for set snack times too, not just for grazing. Gives them a healthy variety in a fun way. Thanks for the idea :)

  • Jill Christen

    Ha! I'm a "grazing kid" and will do this just for me!

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