The fortress of Methoni #Greece

Waterfall Castle


Papafragas, Milos, Greece

Koufonisia, Cyclades, Greece.

Night - Santorini, Greece

Beautiful Crete Island, Greece!

Kefalonia - Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Greece, At the Archaeological Site


Blue Caves - Zakynthos Island, Greece

Santorini, Greece #greece

Paradise Paradise Paradise Amazing


Conwy Castle. Wales. Conwy is one of the most prominent fortresses built by Edward I in the 13th century. It is one of the key castles of the king's "iron ring" of fortresses constructed in Wales. The stronghold was quite an expensive undertaking - it is estimated that Edward spent £15,000 ( equal to £162 million in 2009) on the construction, which makes it the most costly castle in the Welsh history. Today Conwy is declared a World Heritage Site and its eight towers, overlooking the Conw...

La Grotta Cove* Corfu Island* Greece

Sail to: Santorini, Greece

Cove at Symi Island, Greece

Navagio Beach

Greece. it needs to happen