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Hopes and Dreams by Yolanda Edwards Translations: 5. That we get to make potions. 6. That I am never spoiled. 7. That the bullies never choose to bully me.



not sure that rebels have a manifesto, but, whatevs. For Taylor <3

This is what makes you who you are. You teeter on a precipice between understanding and awareness as if you need someone to say...It is okay to be yourself... Now here is what we can do to make your life more fulfilling with these shortcomings you claim are handicaps... Nothing is wrong with who you are. You need to be reminded of who you can aspire to be.

Posso non essere perfetta, ma alcune mie parti sono abbastanza impressionanti

"As the years go on, you see changes in yourself, but you’ve got to face that - everyone goes through it… Either you have to face up to it and tell yourself you’re not going to be eighteen all your life, or be prepared for a terrible shock when you see the wrinkles and white hair. Getting older doesn’t frighten me, but I wish I didn’t have to because I like life a lot." Audrey Hepburn