I seriously can never get enough of this picture and this cats face! I laugh every time with out fail! lol


That explains the sparkling...


this is so true.. and sad.

Blondellamy'Dean - A Curvy Girl's Boutique. #blondellamydean #funnypictures #humor

Bacon Sport Socks. This is perfect.


So true!

how women and men see colors. Listen up girls!

Don't bring a girl to the NBA finals, she'll get bored.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper #bigbangtheory

OMG, I seriously considered this. Especially after seeing the cavity cure.

So funny

Bacon Bacon Bacon, Saucy Stuff, Seeds Ideas

Guns don't kill people. Or else I have the laziest gun in the world. Also, I better check on my spoons, because I hear they make people fat. Funny!