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    In medical terms, high blood pressure is also called Hypertension. If you are suffering with blood pressure here are home remedies for high blood pressure.

    Detox Your Body

    Sex can act like an antidepressant. All the more reason to do the deed. |

    The kids are going back to school! Let us help you sanitize your house with a duct cleaning. 210-544-5373

    Benefits of bananas

    The food you put in your belly has a major impact on your gut health and your diet.

    HERBS & SPICES that FIGHT INFLAMMATION Pump up the flavor of your favorite foods with anti-inflammatory spices such as chili peppers, basil, cinnamon and turmeric. Turmeric in particular has tremendous natural anti-inflammatory properties due to the active ingredient curcumin.

    Dr. Oz's 14 Natural Immunity Boosters: Bolster your defenses and avoid getting sick with these natural immune-system boosters.

    Did you know a deep tissue massage can help reduce muscular soreness, flush out toxins, and allow your muscles to grow better and stronger? Learn more about the benefits of massage therapy here. #massage #foamroll

    Help! What To Do About High Cortisol......Do you wake up in the middle of the night or too early but you can’t fall back to sleep? Do you get light headed upon standing and need caffeine to keep you awake? Do you feel “wired” yet “tired” at the same time? Do you crave carbs and possibly eat more than 50% of your calories after 5pm? Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, weight gain, increased sugar cravings, increased blood pressure, and abnormal blood lipids?

    7 Effective Home Remedies For Bronchitis

    Osteoarthritis diet tips

    What is normal blood pressure plus a downloadable blood pressure chart

    THIS WEBSITE IS THE BEST EVER!! It has so many care plans on it, it's the best. Each care plan (that I've seen) has nrsg diagnosis (sometimes more than one), tons of interventions, and some nursing outcomes . Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. There is tons of stuff there.. ITS THE BEST!! ncp-blog.blogspot... NCP for Hypertension

    Back pain poster

    Magnesium, NOT Calcium, is the Key to Healthy Bones |

    Home Remedies - Natural Remedies - Home Remedy - www.natural-homer...

    Roll out tension in the shoulder and upper back before you are debilitated! Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls.

    Menopausal Diet

    In need of a detox?[ Waterbabiesbikini... ] #fitness #bikini #elegance

    Don't pass this article up because we've created a list of foods for you and your family that are both healthy and delicious!

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