Mine's pink, but not blingy!!! Would be hard to clean though ;0)

need this more than anything.

I . Need. This !

Raspberry Ice KitchenAid

pink mixer!

Okay...I LOVE my bright pink Kitchen Aid Mixer and I LOVE Swarovski Crystals. But put them together and no good will come from this. #catherineclinch

i would be so happy here! love this!!

'I Believe in Pink'

teal kitchenaid mixer with damask. perfection.

Whip up something sweet. Love this pink kitchen aid mixer !!

I am TOTALLY asking my husband to buy this pink kitchen... so in love with this pink retro style

Pink, glitter, Mercedes!

I need this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitchen Aid

I WILL have a glittered toilet seat one day!!

amazing kitchen-aid

light up tub. Who wouldn't want this?!