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A boat on the beach beautiful blue and white beachy colors

Tropical Drink | Looks like paradise to me!  Let's getaway... #spon #SummerInspiration #Travelocity

Tropical Drink in a coconut! Dude I have always wanted to drink something out of a coconut! It's literally on my bucket list to drink something out of a coconut!

awaiting surf

Colorful lifeguard shack, Beach life in Florida ~ Looks like a place you would like to be? :) And I, of course, LOVE the colors!

Sarah suggest finding yourself the most fetching straw hat you can for wearing in June and all summer!!! Can't decide? No problem!  Get them all!

Beach hats hanging on a clothing line at the beach, ready for some summer sun!


Big Brother with Newborn Little Brother.or in our case big sister little brother


:: S e a & R u s t :: Aboard The Tall Ship Peacemaker Photograph by Dale Kincaid

Oh my god this next leap is scaring the bejezuz out of me...you're gonna have to give me a bit.....this might take a while.....

I'm Camila Alderete and from Argentina! My dream is learn to surf,live in Hawaii, my favourite place in the world is the beach on a sunny day. If you want to know a bit more about.