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I just bought a lovely selection of vintage silverware, so I'm particularly loving this photo

Vintage Tarnished Silver

tarnished silver - I've been seeing stacked outdoor pots with planted flowers. . . maybe you could do indoor ones in something like this. . . or holiday decorations. . . hmmmm.

My collection continues to grow - now have 12 of these beautiful,vintage candelabras. Willow & Company on facebook ,South Africa

Vintage silver trays. There are always tons of these in silver plate at thrift stores. I love this for the dining room and how they, being mirror-like, would softly reflect the chandelier light.

.Making Gifts out of old things...I actually have kept my Moms I know what to do with Homemade gifts of any kind...this is just one example....things that come from the heart......

Vintage radish-shaped salt & pepper shakers