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    • Ish K

      7. #Hayden Christensen - 55 #Hottest Celebrity Men to Lust after ... → #Celebs [ more at ] #Delightful #Series #Bernal #Water #Sexy

    • Tally Schlanger

      Hayden Christensen- for all you lovely ladies meet the man cast to play Christian grey!

    • Michaela Kitri //

      "Norah this is Raimundo, son of Alger, Ivy, daughter of Alger, and here is Alphonse, eldest son of Alger." I stopped when he came to the last. The man, who looked somewhere in the early twenties, had the same serious, reserved look of the boy in my memories. His hair was light, and he was taller. He looked down on me as if he could read my thoughts. "I remember him." I said matching the serious manner of the man. He smiled slightly, and bowed slowly. "And I remember you, your Highness."

    • Nathalieke de Vyver

      7. #Hayden Christensen - 55 #Hottest Celebrity Men to Lust after ... → #Celebs #Daniel

    • Paige Nicoletti

      Hayden Christensen he would be a perfect candidate for Christian Grey in Fifty Shades!

    • Angelica Lopez

      Hayden Christensen i'd marry him and treat him like a man for the rest of out lives

    • Khatashianna Van Brunt


    • Whitney

      Hot GUY!!!!

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