dressed up mailbox

mailbox garden

Mailbox Garden

Put a mailbox right in your garden to keep all of your garden tools. Everything stays dry and is conveniently located. Paint the outside of your mailbox to make it look even cuter.

"Plant" a mailbox in your yard to hold small garden tools, gloves, twine, etc.


mailbox planting from Better Homes and Gardens

This mailbox garden project by a Garden Club member cost less than $20! Join the Garden Club now and get $5 dollars off your next lawn & garden purchase!

Some of these "mailbox gardens" look sort of patchy and really draw attention to an ugly mailbox, but this is lovely!

Water Garden



Stone Garden Art


I love this

Homemade Garden Markers Using Stones. #jenam #gardening #ideas #eco #greenfingers #fun

Iron work, garden gate, vintage, the secret garden...where can I find one of these?

old wagon wheel

succulent path

Ideas for a plain wall or fence.