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Chris Evans

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Chris Evans, Captain America, Future Husband, whatever you want to call it

Chris Evans ;) Captain America.....yup this man is fine!

Chris Evans (Captain America) aka future husband :)

Chris Evans (captain america(; )

Well hello Captain America...

Hot guy...nice quote.



Chris Evans *☆*☆ *╮*° *. *◦.(¯`:☼:´¯)  Ӈɑρρƴ time ..✿.(_.^._)*•.¸¸.•*`*•.¸¸✿ ✩¸ ¸.•*¨ ── ───⊱❥ ┊ ┊ ┊┊───────⊱❥

Afternoon Eye Candy: Captain America (Chris Evans) - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!

Captain America actor, Chris Evans. Ok...doesn't he resemble actor/singer Ricky Nelson from the Ozzie & Harriet tv show back in the day? Link to ricky nelson:

Afternoon Eye Candy: Captain America (Chris Evans) #diet #workout #fitness #weightloss #loseweight

Chris Evans you can be my Captain America anyday ;) totally agree #hotguy

Chris Evans...Captain America ladies and gentlemen to easily for man crush Monday

chris evans: oh Captain, my Captain! (because he plays Captain America)

Chris Evans. Eye candy. The fact he can act makes him more awesome.

Captain America, aka Chris Evans, aka my future husband

Hot Guys with Guns - Chris Evans -

Marvel man ... Evans has signed a six-film deal with Marvel

Chris Evans - suit, shirt, tie and shoes.

chris evans suit - Buscar con Google

Chris Evans ♥ suit and tie

Nice suit and style

Chris Evans style

Chris Evans-suit.

nice suit! ;)


Because We Can: Men In Suits

‘Captain America 2′ Sets ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ in Motion, Bob Iger Says

Chris Evans-Captain America/Steve Rogers

Got a superhero that I like, there for I only liked the joker.... not a superhero :o

Chris Evans-Captain America/Steve Rogers in Captain America: the Winter Soldier

Words cannot describe how excited I am for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Chris Evans. God did good things for this man...

Chris Evans In Captain America Winter Soldier

#ChrisEvans #CaptainAmerica #SteveRogers

About to go see the Winter Soldier!!!!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier

E! Onlinefrom E! Online

Meet Clint Eastwood's Hunky Son Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood's photoshoot is...mind blowing. It's like looking at his dad. But that's not a bad thing don't get me wrong :)

clint eastwood's son - scott eastwood Don't get me wrong I Love JAX but this man would've been a great Christian Grey

clint eastwood's son: scott eastwood! Usually the "5 o'clock shadow" does nothing for me. But, I'd eat this man right up.

Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's Hunky Son, Wants "To Be a Man's Man," Models in Town Country

Clint Eastwood's son Scott Eastwood's ohh man, the good the sexy and the yummy!

Scott Eastwood - Clint Eastwood's Son and the New Man in my Dreams! *swoons*

Scott Eastwood smoking hot guy Shirtless -

Clint Eastwood #Son Scott Eastwood #ScottEastwood

Credit: Noe DeWitt/Courtesy of Town & Country     Moms Clint Eastwood’s Sexy Son Scott is Breaking Into Acting, and It’s About Time! (PHOTO) Moms, have we got some fresh eye candy for you, and believe us when we say it truly “made our day.” Scott Eastwood is the 27-year-old son of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood …

There have been a few breaking news stories coming out of Hollywood this week. Zac Efron completed a stint in rehab for alcohol addiction. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement. But the story that really seemed to pick up steam this week is the one surrounding the hotness of Clint Eastwood's son. Scott Eastwood, 27, was photographed and interviewed for the October issue of Town & Country. I can understand the pictures going viral because Scott is definitely a good looking guy. What I can't understand is why people are shocked and amazed by this. It's become apparent to me that most people think of Clint Eastwood as a grumpy old man. At 83, one could definitely consider Clint to be old. He's also played grumpy characters in recent years. He hasn't always been old though. People often forget that this man with wrinkles and gray hair was once young and virile. He used to be a sex symbol. He used to play the bad ass every guy wanted to be. And you mustn't forget the time he starred alongside an orangutan in Every Which Way But Loose, one of my all-time favorite movies. Clint Eastwood used to be hot, y'all. Like really really really hot! Like, hell yes, mama would like a piece of that hot! So it should come as no surprise that his actor son is also really really really hot. Like you want to lick ice cream off his abs hot! Like you really want to be that cigar hot! Like you are going to have some great dreams tonight hot! Remember that the next time you see some old man or woman. You're only as old as you feel. And I bet Clint Eastwood doesn't feel a day over 25.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, (Thor)................speechless.......

Chris Hemsworth, ooh baby baby. Thanks, will take him.

Chris Hemsworth, ooh baby baby facking hottt!

Chris Hemsworth, man o man this man is hot.

Chris Hemsworth Thor - Thor Odinsson

Chris Hemsworth mens casual look

Chris Hemsworth, ooh baby baby

Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth

Classy Chris

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth! Mmm...Too much hotness going on in this picture! ;)

So Uummm ... yeah, I love superheroes! Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor - Avengers

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor ---my day just got better after looking at this!

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth .... Captain America & Thor - Avengers The reason I watch super hero movies!

I'd like to take a moment to thank the people responsible for casting all the Avenger related movies... Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor - Avengers I don't like Super Hero movies, but my gosh this made it easier to watch!

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor - Avengers my fav superheroes (except spidey)

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor - Avengers @Alyssa Beaird eye candy!

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Captain America & Thor - Avengers...My kind of super hero!!

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth ~ Captain America & Thor // The Avengers

Chris Evans

Chris Evans.... FREE LICKS?!?!?!?!!?!??!! LADIES STEP ASIDE!!!!!!

Afternoon eye candy: Chris Evans .....Free Licks !!! Really !!

Chris Evans. Free licks? Ehhh weirder things have happened. ;)

Chris Evans. Free licks? Hehehehehe ok! If you say so.

Chris Evans... Free licks from Chris... ILL TAKE IT

Chris Evans-"free licks" don't mind if i do...;)

Chris Evans/ Captain America

Chris Evans - nice shirt

Chris Evans random hot guy Johnny Depp Emma Watson

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Captain America...also known as: Captain Rogers, and Steve Rogers

Afternoon eye candy: Chris Evans "Hello Captain America."

Chris Evans - Captain America - Steve Rogers

Chris Evans - Captain America, I adore you!

Chris Evans... Captain America. Drool.

Chris Evans: Captain America sexy!!

My boy Captain America (ChrisEvans)

Hot guys

Afternoon Eye Candy: Random hotties (29 photos) Click here to download Download whole gallery Blake Shelton celebrities music country malecelebs hotguys Click here to download Download whole gallery Chris Evans Click here to download Download whole gallery

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans... Sometimes I go back and forth trying to decide which one of them is my super hero boyfriend.

Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans Thor and Captain America two superheros that I want to come and save me

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans... Thor and Captain America!! I loove superhero movies!

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans) Chris & Chris? :)

Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans....Thor and Captain America....all the Chris'

Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans (Thor and Captain America) <3 oh


2011 Sexiest Man Alive

Chris Evans

A t-shirt is neither a philosophy nor an advertisement. It’s a shirt. Wear it plain.

Something sexy about a guy in a white t-shirt. Gets me every time.

chris #Celebrities|

Sexy man in a simple white t-shirt. Gets me every time... :)

Chris Evans in a white t-shirt...oh goodness

Here he comes, Captain America!!Chris Evans

Captain America - Chris Evans (alternate)

The t-shirt...and tattoo

eye candy

Zac Efron

Zac Efron..I know you were in all those high school musical movies, but don't worry, I forgive you :)

So glad Zac Efron grew out of his High School Musical hairdo days. Puberty did you well m'boy

ohhh heeey Zach Efron.. you've come a long way since high school musical

Zac Efron--it's been a long time since High School Musical, people

Zac Efron in suit. Men in suits.... 😍😍

high school musical, what? eye-candy

l.usadñaodugaosudoasdfasf #ZacEfron

Well hello there! Zac Efron

zac my future husband efron

Chris Evans

Chris Evans (aka captain America) and I were married today, at 8 am this morning in the Idaho falls temple. 👰👰👰😉😉😉

Chris Evans aka Captain America! I'm not a huge fan of superheros but he is a pretty darn cute one! :P

Chris Evans, aka my future husband =) haha

Chris Evans/....Captain America!!

Chris Evans aka Captain

Captain America SEXY !

Perfection #ChrisEvans

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth / Not usually a fan of long hair on guys, but I like his hair here.

chris hemsworth I wouldn't mind his long hair it looks good on him (;

Chris Hemsworth. like the only guy that makes long hair look killer.

Chris Hemsworth... Yum! I think that sums it up

Gods, Sexy Men, Man, Hot, Thor, Chris Hemsworth

Chris hemsworth...eye candy :)

Chris Hemsworth. #hot

Hot guy

Chris Hemsworth Graphic (edited by chrishemsworth)

chris evans

Chris Evans plays Captain America and the Human Torch what more needs to be said? haha

Chris Evans a.k.a Captain America...what a handsome man :)

Chris Evans- My other main man! ( I have a lot of those)

Chris Evans, he can be my neighbor with that cardigan

Chris Evans/Captain America! I<3 him!!

Chris Evans in a tie and cardigan.

Chris Evans..Captain America :D


Hot Guys in Sweaters: Chris Evans - Lisa Pietsch & The Guys

GQ Cover July '12 - Joseph Gordon Levitt

GQ Cover July '12 - Joseph Gordon Levitt ~ I see a very bright & beautiful future for this man, he is so talented & humble.

42 Things That Prove That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is The Perfect Man. yes. Loved this man since Angles in the Outfield!!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I could pin a thousand pictures of this man and it still wouldn't be enough!

42 reasons why Joseph Gordon- Levitt is the perfect man. #JosephGordonLevitt

GQ Cover July '12 - Joseph Gordon Levitt. Love a skinny tie & vest

Who woulda known he'd grow into such man candy

Joseph Gordon Levitt - ultimate man crush!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, future husband

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hottie

Chris Evans

#avengers Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ London Premiere. ...........Preorder Age Of Ultron Now! Get Some Killer Limited edition goodies!

Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ London Premiere. Can't believe waited until now to tell me that he was her cousin's roommate before he got famous!

Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ London Premiere. Or as I like to call him future husband #chrisevans

Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ London Premiere. Another beard saves the face, he looks so much more manly here than he ever has before, please keep the beard.

Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ London Premiere. Bearded Evans is best Evans.

Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ London Premiere. :) EEEEKKK SOO CUTE!!!

Chris Evans at ???Avengers: Age of Ultron??? London Premiere.

Chris Evans Appreciation Thread Part III - Page 93

Chris Evans at ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

chris evans.

chris_evans-captain_america-2 | The Cinema Source ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring people, chris evans, boys, guys and pictures

chris_evans-captain_america-2 | The Cinema Source featuring polyvore, chris evans, people, guys, boys and pictures

Chris Evans. I love me a blue-eyed man. So delicious. Captain America, save me! ;)

I kinda sorta have a major celebrity crush on Chris Evans.....

Chris Evans-Captain America. One of my favorite super-heros :D

Chris Evans... such a hottie :0)

Chris Evans - Captain America

Chris Evans #chrisevans

Back in the day, I featured Mister Eye Candies of the month.  And while that won't be back as a monthly feature (I'm really picky with my eye candy!)... I do think we all deserve something nice to look at during these dark hours of Finals Week.  So here we have him!  Chris Evans, the man, the legend, the eye candy.  I fell in love with him in "Cellular."  And then I toppled head over heels again when I saw him in "What's Your Number" starring alongside Anna Faris. He's also in Captain America: The First Avenger, Fantastic Four, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and his steamy ads for Gucci.  So keep scrolling down for pictures.  But just a warning.  If you don't want to anybody to glance at your screen and see you checking out pics of Chris Evans' almost unclothed physique in class or at the library when you should be "studying"... you may want to save these goodies for later. Okay... now get back to studying something other than this stud!

GQfrom GQ

Dave Franco Interview GQ April 2012 Issue

Dave Franco

David John "Dave" Franco. Born June 12, 1985. He is an American television and film actor. He is the younger brother of actor James Franco. #DaveFranco #AmericanActor #Television #Film #Actor #JamesFranco

Dave (little brother of James) Franco wears a striped polo with his suit, and the look is a winner. (Photo: Sebastian Kim for GQ). By the way, wow, man candy.

This is actually my home screen😊 He's a hot guy. I like waking up to his gorgeous bod everyday😏

cute guy from 21 Jump Street...Dave Franco..aka James Franco's brother. no wonder.

Dave Franco :) second hottest man in the world, james franco has to be first.

ive added a new man to my "list" . Ladies and gentlemane..... Dave Franco

Dave Franco! 😍 Man candy Monday!:)

Dave Franco! My future husband. <3

Dave Franco, eye candy!

Chris Evans.... droooool....

Chris Evans aka Captain America is the perfect eye candy from his features, hair and lets not forget his incredible body. I can't help feeling like a teenage girl every time I came across a picture of him!

chris evans..captain america my favorite hero and you said he wasn't cute @Jade Van Ysseldyk

Captain America's Chris Evans shows off what he can do after being the flame on guy

Captain America... you are my favorite superhero, just sayin' :)

Chris evan captain America. You Represent America very well.

Chris Evans - Captain America. God Bless America!!!!

The 9 Kinds Of Hot Guys There Are | Thought Catalog

chris evans as steve rogers in captain america

captain america! Chris Evans

Chris Evans... Yes please :)

Chris Evans. captain america and I are secretly dating ;) shhhhh <3

Chris Evans: Captain America still looks good with clothes on.

Chris Evans - Captain America

Chris Evans - Captain America - Steve Rogers

Chris Evans. Aka: my future husband.

Chris Evans/ Captain America <3

I guess it's man crush Friday.

Hot guys

Chris Evans | Eye-candy Pictures