Hate that cause you feel like a fool.

Ish. I don't have a peep hole, but I have a s ndiw at the very top of the door, so I try to quietly jump up sometimes...

i feel like this all the time.

Lol... totally want to do this!

True to how I feel

That akward moment when you've already said what? three times and still have no idea what the person said so you just agree. Yep.


Happens all... the... time...

This is how I feel about blankets!!!

love this!!

So true!!

HATE that!

so true!

hated it!

All the time.

Hahaha (:

:( all the time...

Teenager Posts...I wish they didn't say teenager...lol. I feel it and I'm definitely not a teenager

★ i hate when people do this ★

Every time.