There is a list with instructions here for everything you could possibly think of to clean. WOW Go Forth Clean Freaks :)

natural household cleaners

How To Make DIY Naturally Scented All-Purpose Citrus Vinegar Cleaners

Love this DIY, my floors are soooo clean and the house smells great!! {enjoy the view}: Pin Busters! D-I-Y Floor Cleaner

Homemade Fabric Softener

Homemade cleaning products

Blessing in a Bottle - also known as 'Kitchen Magic'...and other homemade cleaning solutions.

Homemade Glass Cleaner

10 Homemade Cleaners Made from Citrus Peels

homemade cleaners

Clean the glass stove top

25 DIY green cleaning recipes for the whole house

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cleanin products

10 Homemade Cleaners Made From Citrus Peels

20 Homemade Cleaning Products Worth Trying

Homemade cleaners

All Natural Cleaners

DIY vinegar home cleaner

Homemade fruit fly and ant traps

homemade leather cleaners