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  • Kiersten Linder

    Candy Corn Cheesecake. Cute idea for a Halloween party. Would need to buy the Checkerboard Cake Pan though...

  • Simply Dreaming

    Candy Corn Cheesecake #halloween #dessert

  • Amber Stevens

    Candy Corn Cheesecake. See the recipe and more of the yummiest #Halloween treats and sweets on:**checkered board cake pan**

  • Hill Kevin

    I don't favor candy corn- but I do favor the traditional Halloween look! Candy Corn Cheesecake! It’s the best of both worlds. A delicious cheesecake made to resemble Halloween candy corn. The magic begins with our Checkerboard Cake Pan. It allows three different color batters to be baked at the same time. The results, a look of candy corn with the rich taste of cheesecake. Only treats here! Ingredients: Orange Icing Color Lemon Yellow Icing Color Golden Yellow Icing Color 2 batches favorite ...

  • GiftSolutionsEtc

    Candy Corn inspired Cheesecake with Recipe! #halloween #party #recipe #candycorn

  • Katie Carter

    halloween candy corn cake

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It's easy to make out of cardboard and old clothes. You simply use cardboard to build some fake shoulders and fake arms that rest on the child's shoulders. Then you use an old trench coat that is long enough to cover the fake shoulders down past the knees with your child's real arms hidden inside. Have your child lean slightly forward and button the trench coat around their neck...

Fourth of July!! would be adorable and much healthier over an angel food cake! Just have to figure out how to fix the hole in the middle :)

Candy corn cheesecakes in a jar with FREE printable. This looks so yummy and festive!

{Kaitlin in the Kitchen}: Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

This cheesecake comes in pumpkin, vanilla, and pistachio flavors (I gotta be honest–the pistachio was my fave) and are a little more like cheesecake mousse.  But my hubby hates pudding so I called it cheesecake to get him to eat it.  And he did and he loved it!

Candy Corn Cheesecake [For us non-cooks, would readi-made cheesecake filling, separated, dyed, do?]

Blueberry and Strawberry Ricotta Cheesecake from @Jamie Lothridge of My Baking Addiction.

individual cheesecakes with orange-cranberry sauce ♥ ... I haven't tried the sauce, but the cheesecake part is so good!! I made these the other day and Jace ate like half the pan!

Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse for Halloween Treats, made with cream cheese and cool whip. Check here for grocery coupons first to save:

paleo cheesecake for the crust: 1/2 cup raw pecans (pecans don't require soaking) a little more than 1/2 cup soft pitted dates 1/4 cup raw flaked coconut tiniest pinch of sea salt for the filling: 3 1/2 cups raw cashews (soaked & drained) 2/3 cup agave nectar 2/3 cup extra virgin coconut oil 2/3 cup fresh lemon juice 2 teaspoons vanilla extract or 2 vanilla beans, scraped ---P4

Check out these candy corn cupcakes, perfect for Halloween. These cupcakes are double Madagascar vanilla cake, topped with a ring of orange, yellow and white double Madagascar vanilla buttercream.