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Design Seeds: Lion Tones

Dark Gray - accent wall Brown - furniture caramel - floors light gray - walls blue - accent pcs

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foxy tones


fox palette

color comfort - voor meer kleurinspiratie en kleurentrends check ook eens

Colors for the tv room? The walls the one on the far right. Curtains are color of one on the far left. Sofa is mocha. What do you think?

color palette

Great site to find good colors for your house or wedding - just choose a basic you like and then it chooses others to go along with it

Paint an accent wall or an entire room at The Kensington. I use Macadamia on all walls. It coordinates great with nearly every color, even PINK!!!!

Color palettes!

Cool, crisp color palette just right for a high Clarity value. | nature palette via Design-Seeds | commentary via The Voice Bureau at Kitchen color scheme?? A great site for putting color palettes together for home, pictures, whatever. Find one you like by them theme or color value

Guest bedroom - move gray bedspread to guest room

Love the Colors

Color palette.

I'm an autumn gal!