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Color Mixing on Coffee Filters- Primary colors are one of the first art concepts I like to introduce young kids to in art.  First, because they are a basic building block for for understanding how to make all kinds of things.  And second, because mixing colors is kind of magical.   Color mixing on coffee filters is a fun introduction to what happens when those primary colors mix together!

from 9GAG

This is the kind of art I like, showing the reality.

“Cities are like wounds, gashes, open sores on the earth….” “I see a prison of a city…..destined for collapse… I see the worker bees buzzing in circles…fighting over scraps. I see a concrete garden,...

from Jezebel

When Doves Cry

"I Am Not Old" I am not old.. she said I am rare I am the standing ovation at the end of the play I am the retrospective of my life as art I am the hours connected like dots into good sense I am the fullness of existing you think I am waiting to die but I am waiting to be found I am a treasure I am a map these wrinkles are imprints of my journey ask me anything. ~ Samantha Reynolds