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Whatever floats your goat. I have used this instead of "whatever floats your boat" for about a year. Now I have a picture to prove that I'm not completely insane :)


Cheese and Crackers. When you have the cheese, but not the crackers. I was cracka-lackin!

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This Deadly river creature is the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. This river monster can be found living in the Congo River basin, Lualaba River and Lake tanganiyi.

Let's get down to business to defeat the huns. Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons? DYYYYING.

Funny pictures about Joseph Ducreux may need a call. Oh, and cool pics about Joseph Ducreux may need a call. Also, Joseph Ducreux may need a call.

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Funny pictures about Punny Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Punny Animal Kingdom. Also, Punny Animal Kingdom photos.

Two months before the 1912 U.S. presidential election, the New York Tribune ran a set of humorous pictures under the headline "The Race For The White House," showing the three main presidential candidates astride the animals associated with their parties. This is the one of Theodore Roosevelt on a moose. Two photos cut, pasted together and photographed. He never actually rode a moose.

Teddy Roosevelt is riding a moose, this is the greatest picture ever.I need to put this side by side with a picture of my Teddy Roosevelt Riding Monty

Funny pictures about Meanwhile in Machu Picchu. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile in Machu Picchu. Also, Meanwhile in Machu Picchu.