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Angry Mop ~ Amazing Faces Hidden In Everyday Objects (Photo Gallery)

Cutest Baby Ever and Her Silly Poop Faces! I don't know why I find this so entertaining lmao

I can feel her anger and disappointment. Must not be getting what she wants.

I think he really is saying this.... Look at his face... It's like he knows he's filthy... But wants you to give him his 100th chance... I've saw that face before. :I

Someone, please make this for your baby! Anna Totten Totten Kinley

Funny Babies Video. Every time I watch this I howl with laughter. I love babies, really I do.

Laughed so hard. Hahahaha!!! OMG!! That's so not funny! I thought I was possessed!! Lol!

Humorous texting infographic displaying the common emoticons and the faces that they would match up with. It is successful in conveying the extremities and triteness of the digital faces since the "human" faces are so distorted and comical. I think it could be enhanced by color. The format works well as it is simple and leaves out any confusion as to which faces is being compared.

"Dude I am totally touching her naughty bits", Sammy the seal says. so.. funny....hahahaha