abandoned Harville House, Statesboro, Georgia Two old ladies once resided in this house, but when they died, no one noticed, and all their possessions remained. Today, a blue light can be seen in a window at night, and brave persons who have ventured inside have reported seeing the two women rocking in their chairs.

Waverly Hills :It is estimated that as many as 63,000 people died in the sanatorium. Those deaths coupled with severe mistreatment of patients and highly questionable experiments are ingredients for a haunted location. Ghost investigators have reported a host of strange paranormal phenomena, including voices of unknown origin, isolated cold spots and unexplained shadows. Screams have been heard echoing in abandoned hallways, and fleeting apparitions have been encountered.

Savannah, Georgia. The Hermitage - Remains of one of the Most Famous Antebellum Plantations in the South.

Georgia- Old stagecoach stop

The Pest House-Knightstown, Indiana This house was a quarantined place to put people during an outbreak of small pox in the early 1900s. The death rate there was extremely high and many ghosts are said to still live there. A local historian reported visiting the house once and being greeted at the front door by a strange-looking woman. She told him without being asked that no one was home and closed the door. He knocked for several more minutes and was about to leave when the owners pulled i...

Forgotten old house in the Mill creek section of Russell County Va.

The legend of “Cropsey” – the escaped mental patient who lived in the abandoned tunnels of the Willowbrook mental hospital in Staten Island, NY, and came at night to snatch children off the streets. “Cropsey” remained just that, an urban legend, until the summer of 1987 when a 13-year-old girl with down syndrome disappeared from her neighborhood. Five weeks later, she was found buried in a shallow grave on the grounds of Willowbrook.

Abandoned Ouerbacker Mansion - Louisville, Kentucky.

Old Georgia Mansion

The Molly Brown house, Denver, Colorado - The building is said to be haunted by Molly and her husband. Reports include things such as blinds opening and closing own, shadowy figures and sudden cold spots especially in Molly's bedroom. Another apparition of the house is a women often seen rearranging the furniture - she has even been captured on film.

If I had the money to refab an old house like this, it would be my dream home.


Abandoned......haunted..... Palace Was Once Home To Polish Royalty

a traveler took shelter from the rain in an old building. County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Eastern State Penetentary, Cell block 3: Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Open from 1829 to 1971 as a prison for the nations most dangerous, Block 3 is said to have shadow figures that move, voices, faces appearing in the walls, footsteps and is thought to be haunted by Al Capone as well as a strange big shadow figure that jumps from cell to cell.

Haunted House

abandoned house

Old Plantation House in Pike County, Missouri, near Frankford.


Are you brave enough to look into Timothy Clark Smiths grave with a window? | Posted on Roadtrippers.com!

These are breaking my heart. For all of our innovation, i don't think anyone current could touch the craftmanship that used to exist.