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"What's that noise?" (Friends) - I love Joey & Chandler's bed-head x]

lol I miss FRIENDS so much!!!

@Corey Thompson -- best episode ever?

"And guess what I've been drunk before. And I've smoke a cigarette! And I gotta box of ding dongs hidden in my underwear drawer. Its ok, its all ok because I turned 30 today and I can do anything I want, because I am a grownup!" -Monica Gellar

THIS is my favorite episode ever. "He's a trans- a transponster!" "THAT'S NOT EVEN A WORD!?"

"Whenever I get married guess who won't be asked to sing. Somebody named Gellar and somebody else named Bing!" -Phoebe

Hahahahaha I know exactly which episode every single one is from! :)

friends friends friends