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copy machines #teacherproblems

Anxiety much

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 84 Pics

Haha I just


Bahahaha made me laugh

Blunt+Cards+Workplace | Blunt Card

This made me laugh way louder than it should have!


Like Dorothy, I attract men who are brainless, heartless or cowards.

Or, procrastinating BECAUSE you know that once you start, it's going to have to be perfect.


I know this drama queen

hahahaha dying

Well he's pretty much the most evil disney villain ever so yeah!

World's Fattest Squirrel

Sound Cat Logic…

Just do it. Catholic humor This is the BEST part of mass sometimes haha

Daily Odd Compliment

Daily Odd Compliment HAHAHAHAHA This is hilarious :)

The Daily Odd Compliment - CafeMom | This site has awesome Odd Compliments!

Daily odd compliment :)