Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro

Viggo Mortensen - Ritratti di persone famose, quasi quadri - Il Post

Yann Rabanier, a French photographer, takes very beautiful portraits of actresses and actors with a light always mastered, soft and soothing

Benicio Del Toro

No word on plot, but Variety has an interesting bit of casting for STAR TREK 2 - J. Abrams wants Benicio Del Toro to play the villain in the next STAR TREK film. According to Variety, Del Toro will soon be offered the.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen photographed by Julian Wasser, 1964 Real men win every time. If you meet one treasure Steve McQueen, 1964

Adrien Brody. Brilliant actor with absolutely LOUSY choices in projects.  "The Pianist" seems to have been a complete fluke.

Adrien Brody by Raphael Mazzucco ( I have wanted this man to kiss me since I saw him kiss Halle Berry when he won best actor :)

Jeff Bridges - Accomplished actor, artist and photographer ... I would want to know how he stays interested in it all ... and because The Dude ABIDES!

Black and white photos of actors, focusing on the creative and unique aspect and structure of the photo itself and the person being photographed. **I do not own these photos** Black & White Actresses.