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12 Months Complete Checklist Wedding Planning Guide [Infographic]

12 Month Wedding Checklist for the Bride & Groom >> Complete wedding planning guide and checklist itemized by key monthly, weekly, and daily goals to help make your wedding planning less stressful!

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bridetip for music at the reception! Leave a line on the RSVP for a guest's "requested song".

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers - 72 Sparklers Wedding Favors

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers!

yes. i will get ready by heart-sparkler light. i will sleep by heart-sparkler light. i will live & breathe heart sparklers. unless their noxious fumes make me ill. then i'll die by heart sparklers.

Make it visual...order of service shows 'who's who' the ceremony

Neat idea for the wedding program. Helps people know who everyone else is in the wedding party. I love the "in loving memory" section!

I have heard about calling up couples to dance by the years but I like this idea a lot....alternative for first dance

I have heard about calling up couples to dance by the years but I like this idea a lot.alternative for first dance. Our daughter saw it done and had it at her wedding. Her gparents were the longest married couple.

Weather Bride Tip

Buy umbrellas in wedding colors "just in case"-- could always return them after the wedding if not needed!-- Runyon Possible back up idea if the sun ignores my memo to shine on your wedding day?

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You'll be so thankful to have a doggie bag waiting for you in your honeymoon suite! also the cake. Get lots of cake!

In One Another’s Arms – Rumi The moment I heard my first love story I began seeking you, not realizing the search was useless. Lovers don’t meet somewhere along the way. They’re in one another’s souls from the beginning.

Wedding Readings From Books, Literature & Poetry. Loving The Velveteen Rabbit excerpt (fave book as a kid) and the poem by Pablo Neruda (he has a few I love).

Will you be my bridesmaid? :)

Bridesmaid Card

Lol I love this because my best friend really did the whole hold my dress up so I could pee thing! Love my girl!

Reception entertainment

bridetip - Renting a photo booth is not only a great addition to entertain guests, but it can double as favors as well.

Wedding day handkerchief for mom. so mom would die! how sweet u so should do that!

54 must have pictures of wedding - photography advice for posing

20 Things I Wish I Knew About Photography Posing

54 wedding photos for photographers.of course this is easy to edit as desired, but having a list of photos for your photographer is a must!