Native American Symbols. I remember having this exact chart when I was in school learning about Native Americans!

Native American picture symbols - would make a cute writing activity - FREE Printable

Native American symbols

love the idea of reusing brown paper grocery bags to create fake animal skin for a Native American lesson

The Colorful Art Palette: Week 13 Native American Indian Art and More...

Native Americans

Native American symbolism - North America

Native American Symbols

native americans

NATIVE AMERICAN STERLING SILVER KOKOPELLI LARGE TWO SIDED SLIDE PENDANT #native-american-mens-jewelry #native-american-pendants

Native American Writing---make up a story with pictures---activity for Pilgrim and Indian unit!

Native American Brown Paper Buffalo Hides, 2nd & 3rd grade

My son had a blast using these stones as a jumping off point to tell his own tales! Native Americans often used symbols to tell stories. Some symbols looked just like the concepts or objects they represented and others were more abstract. My son and I went to a Native American tribe's website to look up symbols so that we could make our own (super simple!) storytelling stones.

American History Timeline with Movie Suggestions

Native American Indian Crafts

native american symbols | Native American Indian Symbols & Symbolism

Native American Symbols

Native American Culture for Kids

Native American Totem Pole Symbols | Native American Totem Pole Project

Black Hair, Native American, photographed by Edward Curtis in 1905. Black Hair, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front.

Native American shields