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Knit Jacket from Nordstrom. Dawww - perfect for fall.

This is the cutest thing ever! I would love to see a little girl prancing around in this! Awesome!

Lion coat for kids. Now only if this came in adult sizes...I have a person in mind that I'm pretty sure could be convinced to wear this...@Karen Lett :)

Quinoa shows her support of the Troops with military-inspired jackets.

Too cute! Sweetheart dress tutorial. Sizes 2T - 5T. Only 1 1/2 yards fabric and a button.

little girls coat with bow Oh I LOVE THIS!!!! Anyone wanna make it for me my sewing skills aren't that good.

BRITT!!! a little girl.....the leggins, pink coat, darling face...(hat?) love you

I'm so happy. Jimmy Johnson just called me his Angle Baby!실시간카지노 실시간카지노

Sometimes I feel like I could take on a little sewing project like this, then I remember I'd have to do it twice... Is it worse to pay for 2 of something or have to repeat every project twice?