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Kind of looks like story from the Misty and Stormy breyer set.

Appaloosa, nice custom work. Another Sue Mink sculpt "Tango"

Valor mold. You know a custom model is amazing when you can barely tell if it's a model or a real horse!

Claude, resin model horse. We had a model horse show and this purpose was to teach kids it does not matter if you win or lose, just have fun.

Almanzor resin - what a nice backdrop too.

Ahzam resin by Brigitte Eberl, customized and painted by Carol Williams

Horse Sculpture in Ceramic and Artist's Resin by Deborah McDermott Sculpted Horses

Resins Oliver and Elsie sculpted by Sarah Mink and painted by 'DestrierModels' Emilia Kurila

Laf'n Bear LLC Resin Horses This reminds me of my Grandmother's 17 year in a row reigning champion barrel racing horse.

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