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    Women of the SS concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen unload the corpses of prisoners for burial in a mass grave. These works have attracted their allies liberated the camp. Around the moat - a convoy of British soldiers. Former guards as punishment is prohibited to use gloves to put them at risk of contracting typhoid.

    Himmler and Mussert at Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany, 20 Jan 1941.

    Three Long Range Desert Group 30-cwt Chevrolet trucks, surrounded by desert. May 1942

    A German tank factory, 1940.

    A German tank factory, 1940

    "The Black Prince" variant with QF 17 pdr.

    Hitler and Himmler at the funeral of Reinhard Heydrich ,with his sons.

    Robert Capa - photographing World War II

    c. 1940 A Ministry of Supply tank factory in Britain. IMAGE: TUNBRIDGE-SEDGWICK PICTORIAL PRESS/GETTY IMAGES

    Himmler and his daughter, Gudrun, visiting Dachau concentration camp.

    October 1941 A British tank is pulled by a train from a Midlands factory bound for the Eastern Front to aid the Soviet Union. IMAGE: POPPERFOTO/GETTY IMAGES

    German Tank development from the Panzer I to the proposed Panzer VIII, inter-war years until the end of WW2.

    A German Panther Ausf A

    Two German soldiers are helping a wounded Canadian prisoner in the street of the French city of Dieppe.

    On the battlefield of Iwo Jima this Japanese soldier buried himself for a day and a half in a shell hole playing dead while holding a live grenade inches from his hand. It was only by chance he was discovered—the Marines feared his body might have been booby trapped, so they knocked the grenade to the bottom of the shell hole. After, the Japanese soldier surrendered with the promise of no resistance, and asked for a cigarette, which he received before being dragged from the hole by the Marine.

    GIs on the Siegfried Line listen to the 1945 World Series and write the score on a taken pillbox

    Soviet gunners in the street fighting in Voronezh 1942/1943 | by Za Rodinu

    A British armoured column moves off from Gold Beach, Normandy, 7th June 1944

    The observance position of a German artillery regiment during the fighting in the Vienna Woods/Austria, April 1945. -

    Waffen SS Sturmmann (Corporal), Normandy 1944 01 - M-40 helmet with SS badges 02 - M-43 SS Feldbluse, Sturmmann's insignia on the collar tab...

    German POWs belonging to 352.Volksgrenadier Division await processing by US troops somewhere in Belgium, 1944.

    A German soldier laden with gear, via Jedem das seine. Note that he is carry an early MP38 submachine gun with its characteristic ribbed receiver, and a spare three-magazine pouch.

    A German He111-B bomber of KG 88 dropping bombs, Spain, 1938.

    T-34-85 from Kubinka tank museum.

    Two destroyed German Tiger tanks found in the Villers Bocage Normandy, 5 August 1944. After it was liberated by British troops...