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Henry VIII's dagger, which is stored in the Leeds Armouries has a Tudor rose and Katherine's pomegranate emblem engraved on the blade.

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Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII

TUDOR ROSE~~ Elizabeth of York (1466-1503) Her marriage to Henry Tudor, in 1486, unified the previously opposed families of York and Lancaster. She was known for being gentle and kind to her subjects and to have enjoyed music and dancing. Their union produced 7 children including Henry VIII. Henry VII deeply mourned the death of his wife following the birth of their last child Katherine in 1501.She is the only woman that was daughter, sister, nephew,wife,mother,and grandmother of English…

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On Yer Heade: Part II

Naumburg Cathedral Germany – 1250 Barbette and tall filet with crown.

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King size! Henry VIII's armour reveals he had a 52in girth - for which he paid a terrible price

Suit of armour worn by King Henry VIII approximately 1540, noticeably bigger than that of in his early 20's. New research has shown that by the age of 45, Henry VII's weight had started to balloon as he suffered increasingly from chronic constipation and his body succumbed to hideous sores and repeated infections Read more:

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Fashion History of the High and Late Middle Ages - Medieval Clothing

Rogier van der Weyden (Flemish painter, 1400-1464)- Portrait of a Woman with a Winged Bonnet, c.1430

This is Princess Elizabeth. It's from a portrait of Henry VIII with Mary, Elizabeth, Jane Seymour and Edward. It always makes me sad this one because the girls are stuck on the outside. He was a monster.