i wish!

if disney princesses were real....

A box set of every Disney movie (132 discs!) for only $225. I. Need. This. !!

Disney <3

This is pretty perfect. Disney meets Harry Potter. How could anything be better than that?! Ha!

Disney <3 Brave


A Tribute to Walt Disney

umm, i started weeping in the first five minutes and pretty much didn't stop. but this scene was particularly heartbreaking. #disney #toystory3

Walt Disney with the child voice actors of Peter Pan (1953).

Disney Movies

Textless Disney movie posters - Beauty and the Beast


Actually, it all started with Oswald the lucky rabbit, but that character was stolen from Walt Disney and he was no longer allowed to use him by copyright laws, so he made Mickey Mouse. The magic of Mickey was that, at the time, there was no one who could do the voice quite like Walt Disney did - that was his way of keeping people from stealing his characters after that.

Wise words from Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Frozen -- I am so excited for this movie! I am trying to figure out all the little plot hints from the trailers.

Walt Disney

minimal movie posters

had to repin- it's my age timeline and my job :)