old crayons

Easy crayon hearts for Valentine's Day

Make new crayons out old broken crayons!

So awesome!

This would be cute in a play room, child's room or even for a teacher! I love the colors, and with crayons on sale for next to nothing at back to school time, it would be a very inexpensive craft!

Porta lapis

Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Tickets - great to know how to DIY scratch cards! : )

#DIY Monogram Letters!

À customiser avec sapin, etoile... Yarn Heart Cards: sewing

Brilliant idea for the summer holidays: 'bored jar', with lots of activity ideas for the whole family.


Bottle Cap SNAKE


Castañuelas de Tapas De botellas

reminds me of mckayla and logan:)

Balloon bracelets. Looks like a good winter recess project!

Valentine's Day

This is certainly not an original idea. I have seen the idea of making your own crayons a bunch of times over the years. It has always been one of those project ~ See more about party favors, homemade crayons and crayons.

Valentine's day boxes that are monsters! Made out of tissue boxes. I love making crafts out of everyday items! I am going to do that!

wanna do this randomly one day. not even for valentines day. just to remind 'em thtt you still love him even when its not a holiday! hehe :)