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  • Hassan Glover

    Awkward Funny Celebrity Moments Captured at Perfect T we know where Sarkozy's mind any guesses on what Obama is #funny story #funny photos

  • CandyShit Productions

    Obama is concerned about her health care.

  • Samar Gardezi

    U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy admire the curves of Mayora Tavares. We hate to break it to them -- she was just sixteen at the time

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THE CONSTITUTION. Everyone needs to remember this, especially Congress!!!

A picture says a thousand words. President Obama former President Bush with a wounded soldier. I admire President Bush!!!!

Newsweek released a controversial magazine cover this week that declares President Barack Obama, the country's "first gay President." The magazine cover shows President Obama with a rainbow halo over his head.

Why is President Obama cozying up to Boston's Islamic extremists? peaceandtolerance...

This man's love of country brings tears to my eyes. Can we get another leader that passionate about America?!?

American's REMEMBER,"There is NO SECURITY, NO SAFETY in the appeasement of evil." -- Ronald Reagan

Lie of the Day: Progressives Pretend Obama Isn't a Big Spender - Kevin Glass

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Obama....he has denounced with Documents that any on Medicaid/Medicare pay anymore debt accrued wit property or the docs of harassment.

Obama Truth (get educated on what is going on, don't just vote for someone because you like them or they're the right color)

President Barack Obama, as a Senator voted to legalize infanticide for babies that were inconveniently being born alive after an abortion. www.nationalrevie...

President Obama recently donated $5,000 to his own campaign and in order to free up the money, Michelle Obama will have to shave a WHOLE HOUR from her next taxpayer-funded VACATION!