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HABITAT Chimpanzees live in a wide variety of habitats, including tropical rain forests (in the forest edges and clearings), woodlands, swamp forests, and grasslands in western Africa.


Otter family>>> I love the water reflection.

An All-Inclusive Family Portrait - I wish we had a hope of doing this but the parrot is too crazy!

Monkey Family - just look at the Daddy looking on as the Mother tends to her baby! a very tender moment!

Meerkat Coats are extremely warm. To catch them, stand near the burrow entrance with a standard weedeater. Apply to meerkat when it appears.

Family portrait:) dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, bird!

Family though listed as endangered and essential part of the 'chain of life' in North American forests...they are cruelly hunted and killed order to protect cattle which grazes on federal lands.

go go go! we hav to get across before we get (gasp) SMUSHED!

Opossum gave Baby Deer's coat a long, luxurious combing before the pair searched for four-leaf clovers together.

Please let me have a cookie...please! *Cutest photo ever!

Scottish Highland Cow I absolutely loved seeing these when I was in Scotland! I thought they were so cute!