From Grace Kelly to Angelina Jolie: The Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments at the…

by Hayley Phelan
The 65th Annual Cannes International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow, and of course we're super excited to see what everyone will wear. Not only does the festival offer a perfect blend of Hollywood glamour and French insouciance, but whether it's the heat or the proximity to nude beaches, people te...
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    Image detail for -brigitte bardot « Brigitte Bardot « Celebrities « Celebrity Photo ...

  • Louise van Blitterswijk

    From Grace Kelly to Angelina Jolie: The Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments at the Cannes Film Festival: Brigitte Bardot already knows exactly how to play it for the camera, in Cannes back in 1956.

  • leah

    Brigitte Bardot wearing black dresses.

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