• Maxie Lowe

    "Crazy little thing" wrist tattoo that looks like a thin, delicate #tattoo design #tattoo patterns|

  • Ulises Block

    crazy little #tattoo design #tattoo patterns #tattoo|

  • Sasha Damon

    Crazy little thing. :) I want a tattoo like this. Just saying something different.

  • Rianne Biersteker

    Wrist tattoo, placement.

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Heart ringfinger tattoo - I don't have a tatto but I love the simplicity in this one!

Want this over my heart. Lindsey Herring will u have the key? ❤️

"Crazy little thing" wrist tattoo that looks like a thin, delicate bracelet. omg i love

an example of the tattoo i've been wanted for a while now...but with two birds. one for me and one for my big brother

why, suddenly, am I so drawn to the idea of a tattoo? I hate the thought of being the middle-aged-woman-getting-her-first-tattoo cliche

And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me. Shine until tomorrow, let it be.

why would you ruin yourself with tattoos... Have fun getting old and saggy and being a gross old lady with all of those tattoos

fuckyeahtattoos: Done by Tom Beasley in Glen Burnie, Maryland USA.

This is what I want. Only, it'll be outlined in Robin's Egg Blue and read "imagine" in cursive running across the top.

I will fear no evil for thou art with me

not looking to get a new tattoo - but if i did - this would be pretty darn adorable. but silly when i'm a grannie. so.... that settles that.