Marble fountain attributed to Rudolf Weyr (1847-1914)

Michelangelo met Lorenzo de' Medici in Orto de' Medici's garden in Florence

sweet cherub


Jorge Marin another excellent mexican sculptor. This reminds me of the Depeche Mode video Walking in My Shoes.

Prosper d'Epinay (1836-1914). Bacchante. Marble. 1866.

cherub with rose wreath

Mermaid figurehead sculpture

Antoine-Denis Chaudet ( 1763-1810 ) Cupid Catching a Butterfly, Paris , 1817, musée du Louvre

Aztec - Mermaid - pattern -

Old Carved Wood Decorated Folk Art Mermaid Figure

There are various versions of this statue in many cemeteries. It turns out that the original angel is inside the Oneto family's tomb in a cemetery in Genoa, Italy. It's known as Angelo di (Giulio) Monteverde or, Angelo della Resurrezione (Angel of the Resurrection). The sculptor, Giulio Monteverde, has an official copy of it in his own tomb.

rock mermaid - Forrest Rogers?

Venus Victrix by Canοva  Canova’s marble sculpture of 1804- 08 epitomizes neo-classical nude beauty, is Napoleon’s sister Pauline, Princess Borghese (1780 -1825), portrayed as Venus, reclining on an equally finely shaped sofa. Disobedient to Napoleon like all his siblings, and notorious for her promiscuity which was on a classical Roman scale of its own, she was the only one who was loyal to him in exile on Elba.

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Ugolino and His Sons, detail

"Modellerande Gosse" (Modelling boy) byFrans Oscar Teodor BERG (1839-1914). It is dated 1878

Bernini, Pluto and Proserpina, 1621-22, Galleria Borghese, Roma

santadeblog: Apollo and Daphne, Bernini, 1622-1625

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” - Michelangelo

Gold. I know this is a t shirt, but.. I really would like to learn how to use gold foil in art

'Modesty' carved in marble by Antonio Corradini, 1751