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  • Dionne Jacques

    This is an ad for the gun Adam Lanza used to murder 20 young children and 6 adults. If this is what you need to feel like a man, your man card needs to be permanently revoked.

  • mrs. nelise

    "Consider Your Man Card Reissued" I think we need to get rid of the 'man card' and reconsider what we set as the example of masculinity. #newtown #connecticut #guns #guncontrol #masculinity

  • ResearchGirl

    Every time I point out that gun nuttery is about psychosexual weirdness, wingnuts say "Nuh-uh!" Here's an ad for the gun Lanza used. Apparently to be a real man you must own military grade weapons, and be able to murder?

  • Zelda Christine

    Advertisements for guns have long been used to stoke fear, offer a little testosterone boost, or give the potential owners—particularly the core target audience of young men—a taste of the good life as a cowboy, cop, soldier, or videogame combatant. Here are some samples through the years beginning with Bushmaster, manufacturer of the rifle allegedly used in the Newtown school shooting. Click through for more.

  • Anna Gustafson

    "This is an advertisement for the gun Adam Lanza used to murder 20 children and 6 adults. We need to talk about gun control and mental health - but we also desperately need a conversation about American masculinity."

  • elephant journal

    President Obama: no Change to Gun Violence without our Support.

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