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    • Kimberly Casey

      More from the underground cavern of giant crystals in Mexico. Looks like a cool place to hang out, until you learn that it's so hot and humid in there, those orange suits they are wearing are special refrigerated suits, which are necessary so that they don't die if they stay down there longer than ten minutes.

    • Blueberry Cove Beads

      The cave of giant crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico. I would love to be able to see this in person, it's amazing...

    • Isaac Bluefoot

      The Unbelievable Crystal Caves of Naica, Mexico Hidden 300 meters below the earth, Naica’s Cave of Crystals is a site of sheer magnificent beauty. A big geode of red walls filled with selenite crystals of extraordinary shapes and sizes were accidentally discovered during the exploration of a mine. This mineral wonderland is a site of extreme scientific interest and an extraordinary natural phenomena.

    • Toni Schiavone

      Giant Crystal Cave in the Mexican Desert Nearly 1,000ft below the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico, a gigantic cave was discovered by two brothers drilling in the Naica lead and silver mine in 2007-2008. It was an eerie sight. Obelisks shaped crystals up to 37 feet (11 meter) in length and the equivalent height of six men jutted out from the damp rock walls, and there were hundreds of blade-sharp crystals.

    • Claudia Moore

      The cave of giant crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico. Love Crystal digs, what an amazing place!

    • Georgia Morrow

      The cave of giant crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico what a wonderful place to be in

    • Cyndy Beal

      Giant Crystal Caves Mexico | The cave of giant crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico

    • Kathy Hjelm

      naica mine, mexico | Crystal Caves Naica mines- Chihuahua, Mexico

    • Vanessa Frade

      (Cave of Crystals), is a cave Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico

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