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  • Mariecor Ruediger

    Colony of fungi on tree trunk

  • Isa Bel

    Hundreds of umbrella mushrooms growing in Tree Bark. Mushrooms that grow on tree bark are spread by wind-blown spores. They usually infect older trees, or trees that have been injured by vandalism, pruning or storms. Boring insects, high winds, fire, ice, lightning and snow all can cause wounds that are susceptible to infection by mushroom spores.

  • hillbillycoinsandbooks

    Beautiful Fungi | Beautiful photos from Nature

  • Angie Wayland

    Umbrella mushrooms growing on a tree trunk

  • Nadya Hristova

    Inspiring Bell Tree. See full image: | Daily Inspiration | Design Inspiration | Follow us

  • Bre Starken

    I picture little fairies fluttering about

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